Pegged Lashing Joint

A variation of the drilled lashing is the pegged lashing where a bamboo peg is inserted into the drilled hole and then the lashings are tied around the peg instead of being threaded through the hole. The strength of this joint is limited by the strength of the peg, so use a bamboo peg that has thick walls, or a hardwood peg.

1. Start the pegged lashing by tying a clove hitch on the upright below the peg.
2. Lash the bamboo poles together, then add one or more frapping (tightening) turns around the lashings and finish with a square knot. The lashings could also be criss-crossed over the cross-pole if you prefer.
3. Another way to make pegged bamboo lashings is by aligning the peg at right angles to the cross-pole as shown here.